Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lemon Drop Favors.... mmm pucker up buttercup....

I created these sweet or should I say sour favors last year for a bride that wanted a hot pink and yellow non-traditional wedding design. There were a ton of extra details I put into this wedding, but by far my favorite were these little sweeties. So easy to do and they were such a hit with the guests. And might I add, super affordable!

All you need to do is take small jelly jars (which you can find in cases at the local grocery store), squares of fabric, twine and some lemon drops. I also ordered miniature wood heart tags with their initials burned into the front (gotta love etsy)!

I stacked the jars in a vintage wheel barrow for guests to grab on their way home. Pucker up buttercup is right.... oh so sweet.

much love,

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