Thursday, August 19, 2010

My New Obsession...Furniture Catalogs!

When I see the pile of mail sitting on my kitchen counter top, I get a little excited and a little tinge of anxiety comes over me. Will there be a catalog? When will the next CB2 or Anthropology be coming out? Then as I quickly glance through the stack I am relieved to see a Crate and Barrel or (silent jumping of joy) CB2. Most ladies would be happy to see a Vogue or Glamour, not me. I want furniture magazines, lots of them, keep them coming! Lately I have noticed (again maybe due to our recent renovations) furniture magazines have really stepped up their game in the layout and style department. I have gathered up some great ideas for table settings,furniture layouts and gorgeous appetizer spreads. These ideas are not for my home, but for weddings. It is true, there are some great and unique ideas in the glossy pages of furniture magazines, trust me.

This got me thinking. Why rent all of your tableware or cheap plastic decorations. If it is something you love, why not invest in having the decor as a new member of your family, especially if your wedding is small? Every time you look at the iron bird that perched on your tablescape that now holds up your books, you will have a cherished memory of the glorious day you said, I do.

Much Love, lish