Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Baby Room Valance

This project started with my love for branches and wanting to create a custom, whimsical valance for my new baby girl, Hayley. So I took a long (as straight as I could find) branch with lots of twists and turns for interest and spray painted it white. From there the creativity took root with fun tissue paper poms and sparkle berries (found in the holiday section at any craft store).

This is so simple. After the branch is dry attach above the window using metal hooks. I put two large tissue poms with blue sparkle berries (in the center of the poms) on the end of the branch. I then attached smaller poms on the other side of the branch. You don't need to make the sides even, odd numbers always look better. Also remember you can attach as many poms as you want, you could even cover the branch completely with poms.

For the hanging orbs I used plastic shaped balloons covered in tissue paper dots. I used a circle punch to cut out the dots and attached to the plastic balloon with glue dots (love love love glue dots). I attached the orbs to the branch using fishing line. Hayley loves to stare up at the orbs while I'm changing her diaper. They move around just enough to capture her attention.

Use your imagination and try your own Branch Pom-Pom Valance. There are so many options and ways of decorating. I also love the fact that when I'm tired of those colors or want to try something different I haven't spent a fortune on fabric. I don't feel bad throwing the paper away and starting something different.

much love,