Monday, June 28, 2010

The Most Underappreciated Color in Weddings.... GRAY!

WHAT?!?! Is she being serious? Yes I am. Maybe it's because I just finished painting more than half of my house gray, maybe I've always wanted to live in Seattle. Who knows, however what I do know is gray works with everything! I was just trying to figure out which painting would look best next to the leather sofa. When I stepped back I was so happy to see how fabulous the sofa looks next to the gray wall. I tried a green painting, a red painting, a yellow painting, all looked great! This got me thinking, I wonder how many brides dismiss the color gray because it is normally associated with drab, depressing colors (very un-wedding like).

The cutest pairing I have found with gray is orange (don't freak out)! This color combo is truly unique and GORGEOUS. Think of all the different shades of beautiful orange colored flowers. Think of how these colors would pop off a beautiful gray table OR even your bridesmaids dresses! I found these photos on Veil Tales wedding website.

Gray is super chic and works so well with so many different colors.

Much Love,


  1. You are brilliant (as expected)! I can see all shades of pink looking gorgeous up against any shade of gray. And purples too!

    Love you, Shasta

  2. Great minds think alike :

  3. Very true, I've always liked grey :)