Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The dust settles.....

Or does it? My wedding has finally concluded. Originally we were just going to elope, but hey why would I, a designer at heart do something crazy like elope? I never would have met such great people.

Katrina and Andrew of Sedona Bride, the photographers who I will forever be thankful to, they were my mini-therapists, even available for house calls. I have always loved photography and they brought the images in my head to reality. The invitation and paper good goddess, Jen with Miss Pickles Press. The day of coordinator (who everyone needs, even if you don't think you do... You DO),Kristen Shrimplen. She made sure my drink was always full and I always had a smile on my face. Trust me future brides, even though I did the design work myself (because that's what I do). I needed help on the day. It is so important to enjoy yourself and enjoy your guests, without help you won't. I promise.

Sally the owner of Three Points Ranch, she was so great to work with and coordinate ideas. Sally, your place is amazing. I can't wait to continue working with you on future events at Three Points Ranch. I love that place! And lastly, Antonio Bond... a flower genius! His gorgeous centerpieces was the icing on top of my beautiful wedding vision.

I feel like I just won an Oscar and that was my speech! But seriously, I truly enjoyed working with all of the vendors. I have even made some new friends. I cannot wait to collaborate on new projects with the A-Team of weddings!

Much Love,

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  1. aww alisha! you should be having an acceptance speech! you did the most *fabulous* job designing your wedding reception! you are awesome and we can't wait to show you the pictures of all your hard work and also are soooo proud of you for starting this blog for your design business!!! xoxo {katrina}